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Numerology & Pronology

Importance of Names:

Every man is having a Definite NAME. He wants to be called by his Name by others as many times as possible. A man is happy in talking his name frequently and tells others also about his Name. So Name represents man’s physical body, his appearance and his characters etc. Name has more usage and  travels everywhere than a man physically does. When we say a NAME, all his personality comes to our mind. When we say AMITABH BACHAN

, our mind remembers his personality, characters etc.Every shastra shows a definite path to man for successful and happier living and assist him to reduce his hardships. Man’s success depends on various factors of dimensions in life. So man has to undergo various problems in family, career,  health, living conditions etc… in normal life. Scientific developments help man to live in luxury and materialistic living than the ancestors. But the shastras, developed by our ancient Rishies and Saints helps to counter life’s practical problems in natural way. Shastra’s help to live in Natural style of living, more healthier and happier life on earth. 

Each shastra (say Numerology, Astrology, Vaasthu, Yoga etc) helps the MAN to improve his self strength and to counter various problems that come in way of living on certain aspects. Numerology is one of the Shastra, that helps to reduce life’s struggles and gives success and wealth, if it is followed sincerely. 

is the study of man’s fortunes through NUMBERS (by which) he has born, uses in his day to day life etc. For eg. Our cell phone has a definite Number…If we want to contact our friend, we have to dial all the 10 digits Number correctly and then only we can communicate with him. If you wrongly use even one Number (any of 10 digits), then what will happen? You can’t get him in your line and you become tense, restless and start to blame the cell phone itself.If the same way we should use and follow the relevant and lucky Numbers (based on birth date) in day to day to life. Then only we can get success and less problematic life. If we use wrong Numbers or evil Numbers, then life will be full of struggles. Numerology deals with numbrers  and each numbers  is having  its own vibration  and influence. If a cow is tied in a rope  and the rope is tied to the peg. The pegeed point is called the birth number and to what extent the cow can go ( the rope length) is the fate number.If the birth number is good  the cow can be pegged in a grassy land if it is not good it can be pegged on a rocky land where grass not available.So the birth number and the fate or destiny number which influences the life, cannot be changedBut can artificially grow grass in the area  for the cow  for  grazing – by changing the name number  to suit your birth or fate number or  by wearing suitable gems- to certain extent the vibrations can be improved and it  will improve the living .  Each number relates to our planets (graham)and their influence over one person Sun -1,moon-2, Jupiter -3, rahu-4, mercury -5, venus -6, ketu -7, Saturn -8, mars -9 The numerical value of each letter is given below:   

A, I, Q, J,  Y =1     
B, K ,R          =2   
C, G, L, S      =3 
D, M ,T         =4
E, H, N, X     =5
U, V ,W        =6
O, Z              =7
P, F              = 8 

Generally the frequency or wave length of 1,4,8 group can go together-3,6,9  forms another group ,- 2,7 forms another group and 5 is the middle number between 1 and 9 can go together with all the group.This  you can verify why certain people are forming friends together by analyzing  their numbers either  birth number and destiny number or name number. If you do not know about the character of any person as you will not know their date of birth but with  their name  you can find out the name numbers and you  can get atleast 30 % of their characters.This will be helpful  to know how to deal with that person.e.g some persons straight forward, some people succumb for praise etc 

number 1 and 9 are extreme numbers  and adamant. No 5 is flexible. Number 6 is tricky and cunning.no 2  and 7 is for sacrificing and hard working.No 4 is adamant you cannot force the person but in his way you can go and mend the person. No 4 and 8 they will struggle too much and get the things done after struggling.No 3 is selfish.The above all  general characters.In numerology there are only 9 numbers .example if you are born on 23 rd then the double digit get reduced to single digit 2+3=5   Birth number and destiny number  Suppose you take the  date of birth as   23-02-2007The birth number is the date  i.e 23  =2+3=5Destiny number is   2+3+0+2+2+0+0+7=16 =1+6= 7 The birth  relates to the material side of the life and the destiny number relates to what extent one person can go. 

Now-a-days Numerology is more popular throughout the world. Many people use Numerology to keep their Names, phone Numbers, house Nos. Business Numbers etc. but their success depends on, how correctly they select the Numbers! If one uses bad Numbers, then his expectations will not be fulfilled and he succumbs to the bad results and failures. Now Pronology comes to rescue man, who was bored with numelogy, It shows the correct usage of Numbers and Names expecially NAMES.

Let us see an example:LACK OF NUMEROLOGY – O,N
Are two letters in English. They can be united in two ways.

O,N – means Positive (value 12)
N,O – means Negative (value 12)

Even though Numerological both are having same value in Numerology.But what about the result?
‘ON’ gives success and happy in life if we use ‘ON’ in their Names, business names ‘NO’ gives failure and loss in life, if we use ‘NO’ in Names, business Names etc.

Numerology tells that No.12 will give the same results wherever it is used. But it is not so in real life. ‘NO’ is having Negative vibration as for PRONOLOGY. Numerology never cares about vibrations of Names or Letters. It studies only the Numerical value of Names. There is no system or method is available in Numerology to study the vibration of letter and its various combinations. But Pronology studies the vibrations of Names and shows whether a Name is positive or negative. It doesn’t worry about good Number or bad Number of Names and guides to keep good vibratory Names.Today many people keep their NAMES in lucky Number alone and do not think about the vibrations of their Name. It is the vibrations that decide the fate of a man, than the name number’s does. We can abserve and quote many pople in this regard.VIBRATION ARE STRONGER THAN NUMBERS

Number alone doesn’t give any result to man. It is the planet, vehicle is behind the Number, creates impact or influence man,s life… Number is the mere representative of PLANETS and do not have any own strength.

Suppose you Name is ESWSAR (17) or ABDUL (16) CHARLES (22), the numbers (shown in brackets) do not create any good or bad things in life. It is the planets in the disguise of numbers that work on man or things and create its impact on life.ESWAR           -           Name No.17    -           Planet Saturn

ABDUL           -             Name No.16    -           Planet Kethu
CHARLES       -           Name No.22    -           Planet Rahu

The above planets Saturn, Kethu & Rahu comes behind the Numbers and act on them accordingly to the vibration. Every planet is having two dimensions on their own. That is positive side and negative side… Likewise every man is also having two sides. We should not rub or like to see the negative side of a man or  planet. Then we invite many hardships and failures in life by the wrong decision.The planets are representatives of God, who can give born or change our life, as per our prayers or our demands. If we choose positive side of planets and pray on it and use them in day ato day life, our entire life path becimes success and prosperous.

ESWARAN                 -           23
PRAVIN                       -           23

Compare the above two names. Eventhough ESWARAN & PRAVIN have same Name Number (23), the results will be quite opposite.As the letters ‘WAR’  is highly negative, it always give tense, arrogance, argumentative etc. So his life will be full of struggles and failures. But PRAVIN, his name contains VIN means WIN, vehicle gives him energy, self respect and success in life.
The Numer 23 is very good Name Number in Numerology and suppose to give success & wealth to the USERS. But ESWARAN has rubbed the wrong side of 23, so he gets failures & worries. PRAVIN rubbed positive side of Number 23 and his life will be successful.So give importance to vibrations than Name Number.  Try  to have good number also. Then these two forces will work together  and give definite results to you.



He was the ruler of the country for decades. As his Name shows. ‘SAD’ which means SORROW and the vibration made his own life as well as country to be sad. And the country is struggling till date. Still people are suffering in day to day life.


He is the contemporary ruler of Malaysia of SADDAM. He developed his country to the heights and he retired peacefully. His name shows MAHA + HAT means great cap or great captain who lead the country to prosperous and the people are happy and enjoy the citizenship.


 When was called as NARENDRA, he was adamant lad and was not successful. But when he changed his name to VIVEKANANDA, he raised to a world monk, motivated the youth and shifted the world’s eye to INDIA, as the spiritual country.



4)      ADOLF HITLER : 

He was the great dictator of all times. He is a proof for Pronology. HIT gives strength or power to him. ‘DO’ means, he did everything with all his will and strength. But ‘ER’ become ‘ERR’, so he used all his power, energy in erred way (wrong acts) and become a tyrant in his life.




Super Star of South Indian Cinema. When he was called as Sivaji Rao, he was not successful. But when he changed his name to RAJINIKANTH, he made all break-through in his life. This was become of ‘

KAN’ (KANTH) vibrations in his name.
KAN means ‘CAN’ that gave him all energy, zeal and success in film industry.It is to be noted that Amitabh Bachan (HAN means CAN), SHARUK KHAN (HAN means CAN), SALMAN KHAN, AMIR KHAN, HRITHIK ROSHAN and others who have Khan, KAN, HAN in their names are achieving many heights in their field. JACKIE CHAN also a superstar of world, become of positive vibrations only. 

People who have LO, NO, OO, SU, WAR, END,
ILL, DI, DHI, SAD, MAD letters will have to undergo various problems and turbulence in their life due to negative vibrations. Every man has to check his NAMES that whether they have negative vibrations

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